Zimbabwe National Co-operatives Federation

  • About ZNCF

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    The Zimababwe National Cooperatve Federation is the Umbrella body and secretariat of the Cooperative movement in Zimababwe. It was registered in 1993 under the Cooperative Societies Act Chapter 24:05 and falls under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development (SME and Co-op Dev).

  • ZNCF Vision

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    To become a leading Cooperative institution promoting strong and active apexes involved an sustainable economic activities that will uplift the Standard of Living of its members at all levels of the Co-operative movement.

  • ZNCF Mission

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    We wish to strive and develop an enabling enviroment for or members through strong representation at local and international fora on issues related to Cooperatives development while ensuring that our values and principles are adhered to.

  • ZNCF Values

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    Self Help; Self responsibility; Democracy; Equality; Equity; Solidarity. In the tradition of their Founders, Cooperatives Members beleive in the ethical values of: Honesty; Openness; Social Responsibility; Transperancy.

  • ZNCF Principles

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    The principles are guidelines by which Cooperatives members put their values into practice: Voluntary and Open Membership; Democratic Member Control; Member Economic Participation; Autonomy and Independence; Eduation; Training and information; Cooperation amoung Cooperatives; Concerns for Community

  • Why are Savings important

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Society Reg Step 1: Complete Form

Complete the SMART Co-op application form in full and attach management committee ID copies and the Society registration certificate. On presentation of a completed form the societys credentials will be added to the ZNCF smart co-op online platform. Admin credentials will be sent to the management committee and clerk to access the system

Society Reg Step 2: Upload co-operators

Click here to upload co-operator details. Co-operators can also follow this link to upload their details from anywhere in the world

Society Reg Step 3: Computers

When the registered co-operators reach 50. Society clerk will be contacted to complete the application forms to receive a computer, printer, telephone and internet connectivity .

Join a Savings Coperatives and Credit Co-operative

Join a SACCO Today

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Rationale for establishment of the federation

To give direction to the co-operatives movement in all the sectors under the apexes. To address current and future challenges facing cooperatives. To understand and continue to build best practices within the Cooperative movement. To share experiences and challenges in strengthening the cooperatives movement. To contribute to existing and increased collaboration and information sharing amoung cooperatives development agencies.